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Introduce sellers & businesses to Shopygo or become a Shopygo expert for your clients to help them setup their E-commerce site and have it running in few clicks.

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Help Businesses to Built an Online Store

Help your clients start, run, market & manage their online businesses with ease. You earn by bringing in new sellers wanting to build new online stores or migrating from other e-commerce platforms to Shopygo. Click here to checkout our crash course on how to start an online store on Shopygo in 5 steps.

A Platform which made for Partners

Shopygo have an expertise and relentless focus on developing e-commerce tools which allows you to stay competitive and continue to be a differentiator in the market. When you join our partners program, you'll get everything you need to start, run & market e-commerce plans for your own clients. Control everything from your partner dashboard.

Growth Revenue Making

There are two types of payments within the partnership program, depending on the tier and features you’d like. It can be based on the sales happening on your client online store and/or it can be based on the customers that you added on Shopygo. Checkout Pricing here.


The Shopygo ecosystem has over 999,999 merchants who could use your help

How You Would Benefit

Whether you’re an established business or just starting out, Shopygo gives you the tools and resources you need.


Shopygo’s affordable all-in-one solution makes it easy for partners to yield higher profit margins, allowing clients to focus their business’s budget toward enhancing and marketing their stores. Click here


Shopygo’s admin interface makes it easy to setup and launch a store in few minutes, allowing your clients to turn a profit quicker and easier than any other eCommerce platform. Learn how to easily manage a Shopygo site & app.


Our web hosting is fast, secure, scaleable and reliable, ensuring your clients’ businesses are up and running at optimal performance


With built-in marketing tools and eCommerce marketing features, your clients can promote, grow, and expand their online businesses with complete ease and confidence. Click here


12,570$ in the First Year

“We started our partnership with Shopygo as a side project and it has now become one of our primary sources of income. We were able to bring in 30+ customers(thanks to lower costs of the shopygo ecommerce system) in the first 11 months and made over 12,000$, with no overhead costs and only normal marketing expenses. Shopygo lets us manage all our clients’ accounts easily with one central dashboard for e-commerce resellers. We are happy to continue and prosper together under this arrangement.”

Jeanette Lau, Director, Singapore | Jumpstart Commerce

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See for yourself how our partners have accelerated their businesses.

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Jul 28, 2021

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