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Own Online Store

Your Store Name, Your Choice

Present your store to your customers in your own way without knowing any coding skills

Themes based on Category

Responsive and user friendly themes based on the category of your store

Products & Services

Showcase your products & services without any difficulty

Your identity

You can use any domain name as you like

Your own bank account

Can choose any payment gateway you like

Customize your store with category based themes, products and services, payment gateway


“The Biggest win for us was selecting shopygo over other ecommerce providers.”

Kerala forest Ecotourism

Review about Shopygo Ecommerce platform by Kerala forest EcoTourism
Get a better shopping experince through your own mobile app for managing order, payments
Mobile Apps

Your Store, Your Own Mobile Apps

Boost your sales by having your own branded Mobile Apps

Better shopping experience

Android & IOS apps will provide better user accessibility

Manage everything in a Single tap

Everything related to your online store can be managed from mobile app itself

Orders & Payments

Use single app to manage all your orders and payments at anytime from anywhere.


“Having a mobile app to manage my online store from anywhere at anytime is a big merit to me.
I can contact customer without any delay, Whenever my store receive order.
Its reduces half of the pressure to complete the order”

Anirudh Menon- Blackcoffee

Satisfied Customer review about having a mobile app to manage the online store

Point Of Sale

Integrating both online & offline sales at one point

Unified Backoffice

Your offline and Online store sales can be watched and analysed through one system

Customer Management

Whether its In-Store customers or Online Customers, you can be in connect with any customers without any difference.

One App functions as all

You only need one Mobile App to manage everything ..

Create your own account, get documents about the order,sales, invoice


“Shopygo helped me to integrate my Online sales as well as offline sales under one system. For me it helped to focus on both retail as well as online sales in different ways.”


Client feedback about how e-commerce platform helps them to integrate online and offline store under one system
integrate your online store account to single dashboard to have your purchase order, sales order,invoice

Your Sales, Your Accounts

Integrate your accounting system like Quick books and Manage all transactions from one place


We have automated it all by linking your accounting system with your sales Documents


You can have your purchase orders, sales orders, sales receipts, commercial invoices and everything stored in one system and can access at any time.

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