Shopygo FAQ

Are you new to Shopygo or looking for an E-commerce platform to Grow your
Business Online, then this section will help you understand and get started with it.

  • What is Shopygo and how it works?

    Shopygo is an accomplished mercantile E-commerce platform that enables you to start, grow and manage a business Establishment and organizing an online store sell in multiple places like websites, mobiles, conventional stores, pop up shops, social media etc.

  • How to organise product, inventory , transactions and transportations?

    Shopygo is a fully cloud-based system that means you don't need to worry about software maintenance and up-gradation. Hence you can have universal access to your business from anywhere around the globe where there is the internet.

  • How much does it cost?

    Well try it free for 7 days and Shopygo don't ask for credit card details during this period. Once you are satisfied with the free trial to choose a price plan that best suits you.

  • Can I use my domain name with Shopygo?

    Of course, you can. If you already have a domain name connect it with Shopygo. Learn more about connecting the domain to Shopygo stores. No worries if you don't have one you can purchase a new one either through Shopygo or any other third-party Service providers.

  • Do I need to be a designer or developer to use Shopygo?

    Not at all. You can customize the look and layout of your store with online store builder and themes. Add features and functionality to your stores with apps. If you some more advice please check with our support team.

  • In what countries can I use Shopygo?

    Shopygo can be activated in every country in the world. The customer interface of your Shopygo store can be in any language that is supported by the themes.

  • What do I need to start selling on Shopygo?

    First thing you need is a Shopygo plan and products to sell on Shopygo. You can set up your store after signing up then you can add products and details.

  • Where can I sell with Shopygo?

    You can sell almost anywhere your customers are present be it online, in person or social media.

  • What is dropshipping and how can I dropship with Shopygo?

    Dropshipping is a concept of business where the seller doesn't own, keep or ship inventory. The store purchases the item from a third party when there is a demand for that particular item. The third-party, usually wholesaler or manufacturer then ships it to the customer directly. Hence there will be no upfront inventory cost for the business owner.

  • What happens when I receive an order?

    You will be notified via email, mobile app or RSS notification depending upon your preference every time you receive an order.

  • What are the Payments can be done on Shopygo?

    You can accept only payments through a payment gateway or payment provider.

  • What currencies does Shopygo work with?

    Depending on the payment provider you use you can accept payments in a wide range of currencies.

  • Do I need to ship items myself?

    You can avail the service of a third party fulfilment service to prepare and ship your orders for you

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