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5 steps

To get your online store up and running

Looking to start your ecommerce site in on time?
Here are 5 easy steps that help you start your own online store.

Easy steps to start your ecommerce site online
Online store setup, create your own online store, build your business and domain name

Give Your Business a Name

Shopygo enables you to have your own business identity. You can have your own domain name or a custom sub domain name in Shopygo to associate your business.

  • Name of Your Business: create a name that gives strength and uniqueness to your business idea and brand. This will be the unique id for your business and the name defines how you want to get public know about your online Ecommerce store.
  • Domain Name: Shopygo customer will get a free domain name to develop the brand, also provides free transfer service to own domain names and does all the admin work without letting you start from scratch.
Create Your Online Store

Get An Online Store From Shopygo

In Shopygo, we ensure that your online store looks professional. You can have your own designed template or can have what Shopygo provides based on the categories of the store.

  • Your Online Store - Frontend: Design your shop with wide range of theme, background and layout that fit your products’ image and branding.
  • Your Online Store-Backend: You can manage your content, banners, seo options from the backstreet. This is a central dashboard place, which allows you to have anything and everything under one umbrella.
  • Setup An Online Store
Get an online store from shopygo, give design to your store, manage from backend and frontend
Setup and online ecommerce site with delivery options, order setting

Choose Your Business Type in Shopygo

Add your store settings based on how you can manage your online sales.

  • A handy shipping option for both customers and your shop not only improves customer turnover and satisfaction, but it also speeds up the delivery process, making your purchasing process more efficient!
  • Order Settings: Shopygo enables you to set up order timing, where you can schedule the time in which your online store can accept orders- and it can be based on day, product, time. The pre-booking, order alert, product request feature, MOQ, MOA in Shopygo will enable you to have complete authority on your online orders.
Start Your Ecommerce Store

Upload Your Products or Services

Shopygo makes it simple to deal regardless of whether you sell products or services. You can have physical products like toys, groceries, clothes, apparels, accessories as well as have the services like maintenance of buildings, mechanic services, IT services, everything. Shopygo is the complete E-commerce partner that you can have whatever you want to make your Online Business successful.

  • For Products: Add new products, set multiple product images, display important features and product information, price, quantity, variations, on request, view similar products, combos, product in-stock/out of stock, seo optimization and you can immediately preview in the product page.
  • For Services: Add services, on request, place enquiry, add details, upload images, date and time updating, available timings, upload images, seo optimization and scheduled publishing, inactivating the service.
  • Take Your Business Online
Steps to start your business online, add products, add services, images, description, price
Start online sales and accept payments using cash on delivery, payment gateways

Receive Orders and Payments

Shopygo have different types of payment options like Cash on delivery, Online payment after completing the order and Prepayment to offer safe and easy to use payment options and ensure smooth transactions between buyers and sellers.

  • Cash On Delivery: You can enable/disable this feature.
  • Payment Gateway: Shopygo let you integrates with different payment gateway solutions in ease. You can choose any payment gateway as per your choice.
Setup Online Sales

Your E-commerce Store is Ready to Grow Online, Go Online

How to Start an Online Store in 5 Steps


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