What is Kudumbashree Bazaar built on?

Kudumbashree Bazaar online shopping is developed and built on the Shopygo ecommerce platform. The Kudumbashree Bazaar is a culmination of all the Kudumbashree Units spread over the 14 districts of Kerala. The units are able to sell products all over India through this portal. Starting from a small community network, Kudumbashree Bazaar expanded their reach to potential customers all over India.

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What is Kudumbashree Bazaar?

Kudumbashree is the community organization of Neighborhood Groups (NHGs) of women in Kerala, became the most effective strategy for the empowerment of women bringing them together for development, empowerment and for ensuring their rights in society.

For the economic empowerment, the one important strategy of Kudumbashree is Micro Enterprises Development by promoting women enterprisers. Kudumbashree Bazaar is recognized as the integrated platform for the sale of products and services provided from the microenterprises of Kudumbashree units across Kerala

Kudumbashree Bazaar Online Shopping

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Kudumbashree Bazaar online store is built by Shopygo to make all the offline processes of Bazaar into online. The Kudumbashree Bazaar online platform from Shopygo became a single market place for bringing all the vendors of Kudumbashree enterprises into online together for carrying out their sales and promotion. Through Kudumbashree Bazaar online store, Kudumbashree units ensures their wider reach to the customers all over India.

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Kudumbashree Bazaar Online Store Operations

The Kudumbashree Bazaar units are functioning all over the districts of Kerala. All the different units are manufacturing variety of products. All these products are made available online through Kudumbashree Bazaar ecommerce platform from Shopygo. The Shopygo team’s effective hand-on-approach is behind the success of Kudumbhashree Bazaar Online Store. For all units and operations of Kudumbashree Bazaar, Shopygo team co-ordinate with each District Programme Managers provided for effective handling and fulfilment of orders to anywhere in India.

Features provided by Shopygo for Kudumbashree Bazaar

  • Optimized Online Storecompatible for all devices

    Shopygo built a customized, fully compatible store and functions that is well optimized for any devices and platforms. It makes the customers to use and manage Kudumbashree Bazaar Online store very easily and to access anywhere at any time

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  • Marketable contents and graphics

    Standard and good quality content is another important thing provided by Shopygo for Kudumabshree Bazaar. Good quality graphicsand pictures are used in setting up the store.

  • Search Engine Optimized toolsOptimized Online Storecompatible for all devices

    Shopygo made Kudumbashree bazaar online optimized for search engines by using relevant tools to ensure the wider reach of Online store

    Ecommerce definition,buying and selling products and services online.
  • Product and inventory management

    Shopygo manage, analyse and confirm the product availability and report it on timely basis to the customers to avoid any discrepancies that may occur regarding orders

  • Secured payment Gateway system

    A payment system with exceptional security is provided for Kudumbashree Bazaar with proper management of online payment transactions and refunds for cancellation. SMS notification system is used for timely updation of details to customers

    Ecommerce definition,buying and selling products and services online.
  • Continuous order tracking and fulfillment

    Shopygo’s team monitor the order process on continuous follow up till successful fulfiment of each orders. For each location there is District Programme Manager co-ordinated by Shopygo for product delivery and tracking. If any unit is not able to deliver the particular product or group of products, they will initiate for refunds and Shopygo helps customers in refunding the order amount.

  • Customized Kudumbashree App

    The sales, orders are managed and coordinated by the customized Kudumbasree Bazaar Mobile App powered by Shopygo. The Mobile App makes the customers and the Kudumabashree team interconnected with Shopygo for order completion.

    Ecommerce definition,buying and selling products and services online.
  • 24x7 Online Support

    Shopygo provides 24x7 online supports for the customers of Kudumbashree through Mobile App, SMS Notification and Email support and online chat facility to ensure the successful fulfilment of orders.

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Thus the system built by Shopygo for Kudumbashree Bazaar brought together around more than 500 vendors of Kudumbashree Bazaar into an online platform. This allows them to sell their products to a wider audience and ensures the promotion and growth Kudumbashree Units. Kudumbashree Bazaar is now an effective all-in-one platform for handmade products with good quality from women micro enterprises across Kerala.

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