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Kudumbashree is the poverty eradication and women empowerment programme implemented by the State Poverty Eradication Mission (SPEM) of the Government of Kerala. The name Kudumbashree in Malayalam language means ‘prosperity of the family’ The name represents ‘Kudumbashree Mission’ or SPEM as well as the Kudumbashree Community Network

“ Kudumbashree Mission moved online to Kudumbashree Bazaar with Shopygo, results the bigger market expansion by bringing together all the vendors in a single market place ”
Kudumbashree Bazaar ecommerce store from Shopygo for online shopping of Kudumbashree products
" Kudumbashree opened a new string of expected events in development history and poverty eradication mission of the state of Kerala "

Kudumbashree was set up in 1997 following the recommendations of a three member Task Force appointed by the State government. Its formation was in the context of the devolution of powers to the Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRIs) in Kerala, and the Peoples’ Plan Campaign, which attempted to draw up the Ninth Plan of the local governments from below through the PRIs.

Kudumbashree has a three-tier structure for its women community network, with Neighbourhood Groups (NHGs) at the lowest level, Area Development Societies (ADS) at the middle level, and Community Development Societies (CDS) at the local government level.

1. The Challenges and Solutions for Kudumbashree Mission

The aim of the Kudumbashree scheme is to improve the standard of living of poor women in rural areas by setting up micro-credit and productive enterprises.

“ Micro Enterprises Development is an important strategy of Kudumbashree towards economic empowerment of women. ”
  • All members of Kudumbashree are encouraged to start ‘Micro Enterprises’ using local recourses, and financial aid, skill training, handholding and marketing support provided by the Mission.
  • The Micro Enterprises under Kudumbashree include, Service Providers to Govt. Departments. / Public, Suppliers to Govt. Departments/ Public, Production / Service Enterprises addressing social needs or grabbing new opportunities, Social Start Ups and Traditional women enterprises.
Kudumbashree Bazaar food catering unit services for people, Microenterprise manufacturing units under Kudumbashree Bazaar for online store
Kudumbashree production units for Kudumbasree Bazaar online store, Kudumbashree Bazaar trade fairs for sale products of Micro enterprises

Most of the products from production units were traded through trade fairs, home shops and montly markets conducted at destined places and was completely done through an offline system.

It was challenging for them to expand, coordinate and manage the products, sales, deliveryand providingservices from theirdifferent vendors of microenterprises to reach target customers.As their market was limited to a smaller community nearby the areas of production, starting up an online store is the perfect solution we offered to manage every aspects of their product sales, development and market expansion

2. Shopygo’s Work and Analytics for Kudumbashree

Kudumbashree Mission approached Shopygo to help them to start an online store to sell their products and services offered by Kudumbashree enterprises and make a marketplace for them to get the orders online and to reach their customers by makes their sales much faster than before.

“Bringing Kudumbashree Mission Online by Shopygo”

The online store developed by Shopygo named Kudumbashree Bazaar became the single market place for all vendors of Kudumbashree enterprises. It offers the sales of products and services manufactured from various Kudumbashree enterprises to reach all the customers around Kerala

Shopygo built ecommerce store for Kudumbasree Bazaar online shopping
  • The products offered include Groceries, Personal care products, jewelleries and accessories, home décor, cleaning items, household items, garments, facemasks, health, bakery and beverages, combo product and Umbrellas etc..
  • The services offered are on request and include catering, daycare, matrimonial, event management, dance school and ladies hostel services.
Buy from Kudumbashree Bazaar online store from Shopygo for product sales growth and promotion
“ To successfully scale Kudumbashree Mission, the team’s hand-on-approach was evolved ”

The Kudumbashree bazaar shops and production units are functioning across all the districts of Kerala. The sales, orders are managed by the customized Kudumbashree Bazaar Mobile App by Shopygo. Once the Order is received the District Programme Managers (DPMs) at that particular district will get the message alert. For each location there is DPM who is responsible for the units district wise. If the unit is not able to deliver the particular product or group of products, they will initiate for refunds and Shopygo helps them in refunding the order amount

Secured online payment system for ecommerce with live tracking and order fulfilment from Shopygo

We provide 24x7 online support for the customers of Kudumbashree through Mobile App, SMS Notification, Email support and online chat facility to ensure the successful fulfilment of orders

For Kudumbashree the payment gateway provided by shopygo is CC Avenue. When the order get cancelled the DPM's of that unit will initiate for refund. Shopygo assistants will help them in refunding the amount through CC Avenue, which the customers will receive within 24 hrs of initiation.

3. Effect of Shopygo on Kudumbashree Mission

Earlier around 75% of the products are sold directly to the customers through Monthly Markets, Trade Fairs & Exhibitions, Home Shops and/or at the production point itself, 10% of products are sold to retail dealers while a little less than 10% of products are sold to Government Departments/Agencies. The remaining percent of products are sold through marketing agencies and to retailers/wholesale dealers

" Starting the sales from a small community network, Kudumbashree Bazaar expanded their reach across anywhere Kerala with Shopygo "

Now in 2020, Kudumbashree mission with Shopygo brought around 500 vendors of them into a single market place Kudumbashree Bazaar. All the products of different Kudumbashree Enterprises are brought together and sold directly to any customer with in no time from the online store optimized for every platform anywhere and shipped anywhere in India

In addition now Kudumbashree provides Combo Kits of household products and offers through Kudumbashree Bazaar concerning the current covid pandemic situation faced. All these orders can be delivered directly to the customer from the Kudumbashree bazaar shops and units functioning in districts.

" Shopygo brought the entire market into a single ecommerce platform "

Shopygo allows any user anywhere to access with Kudumasree Bazaar and ensures the shipping of orders to anywhere in India from the production units of Kerala. The sales, inventory, orders and payments are managed, tracked and placed by the customized mobile app provided by Shopygo as well as these orders are tracked and managed by different distributed channels by Shopygo. Thus resulting in the quick generation of sales, market expansion, and growth of sales of products and services from different micro enterprises under Kudumbashree Mission.

Kudumbashree mobile app for continuous management of order, inventory and business

4. Conclusion and Result

Kudumbashree Mission approached Shopygo to smoothly integrate their entire offline processes into online. Shopygo successfully provided a delightful experience to Kudumbashree making all their processes regarding, production units, inventory, order fulfillments, payments and customer handling to online centralized system. The offline processes done earlier made Kudumbashree to face many challenges in managing the production units, growth, expansion, shipping and functioning without any integration. Now all the system easily integrated into online by Shopygo resolved every challenges faced by them and made them quickly accessible anywhere

" Shopygo transformed the entire offline processes of Kudumbashree into online and made all the productsaccessible all over India "

Shopygo integrated everything in one best ecommerce platform having up to date inventory management, flexible payment systems ,successful fulfillment options and committed online support with customized SEO tools.

With Kudumbashree Bazaar from Shopygo, now 100% of products from Kudumbashree enterprises are sold to any potential customer and shipped to anywhere in India from the production units all over Kerala . Around 500 vendors of Kudumbashree mission is bought together online by shopygo and we ensured the continuous follow up of every order from being placed till the successfull fulfilment of order. Thus resulting in the successful growth and expansion of market for Kudumbashree mission.

" Shopygo – the one click solution for smooth integration anywhere "

“It was nothing less than a miracle, what we have achieved from Shopygo in no time, 450+ vendors brought into a single market place ecommerce system with distributed controls” says Sabu from Kudumbashree Mission

The ease of use and smooth quick functioning of Shopygo became a major selling point for Kudumbashree. Apart from that, the shopyo platform allow customers to have a most delightful experience of ecommerce platform with trouble free networking anywhere at any time.

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